Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to the most common questions surrounding the finer details when chartering your private aircraft. If we haven’t covered anything in this section, please feel free to give us a call or email us here


frequently asked questions

While we are a consultancy company, we have special vendor relationships with carefully chosen aircraft operators which cover Entry Level Jet (VLJ), Mid-Sized Jet (MJ) and Super-Mid Jet (SMJ).

These aircraft are the Eclipse 500, the Piper M600, CJ1 & 2, Beechcraft 400 and Hawker 400XP. We exclusively use these vendors to ensure you achieve a safe and reliable service.

If these aircraft aren’t suitable for your trip we have access to Industry Marketplace, this chargeable tool is reserved for Operators and Consultants alike. The marketplace allows the professionals to find any type of aircraft anywhere in the world at a moments notice.

Having access to the Industry Marketplace gives Consultants a distinct advantage over Operators.

Our advantage is being able to hand pick aircraft which are “down route” (in the area), or based closest to your departure point, thus eliminating costly positioning costs.

We can also take advantage of empty or dead-legs, which means the aircraft is traveling home without any passengers. This empty leg cost is considerably cheaper than a normal live leg and is a cost we always pass on to our customers.

You’ll be pleased to hear that there is no requirement to check-in to your charter flight. Part of the booking process with us means that we take care of this aspect of the trip by pre-clearing your passport and travel details with customs, boarder force and special branch. Apart from the pilots double checking you are who you say you are, you’ll find that you can park your car, have a coffee in the private executive lounge, and then proceed to board the aircraft at your leisure.

On the flip side, if you’re the type of traveller who doesn’t like to wait around this is especially beneficial because you can turn up 10 minutes before departure and board straight away if you wish.

When you consider not having to turn up 3 hours before departure to go through security screening, having to wait for your taxi, having to wait for 250 other passengers to board/de-board and then having to wait for your bag to be loaded on to a carousel the minutes soon turn in to hours.

Replace that experience with the Private Jet experience and you find that your journey time becomes much more manageable. Private screening is usually carried out in an executive jet terminal building, which is away from the prying eyes of the commercial traveller, you’re taken to the aircraft either on foot or in a private vehicle, and your bags are either by your side of carried by the handlers to the aircraft on your behalf.

While this convenience makes your personal journeys more pleasurable applying the same experience to your business can realistically save you money over long periods of time.

This really depends on the type of aircraft you’re chartering and the weight and balance conditions of the aircraft and passengers.

However as a rule of thumb, on a 7 seat Citation Bravo you can expect to take one normal sized suitcase plus hand luggage. In turn, if you chose to fly on one of the Hawker 400’s the hold is a little more accommodating.

A general rule of thumb on the Entry Level Jets is that the range reduces with the more people and luggage on board. So if you’re fussy about fuel stops it’s best to travel light.

This is entirely up to you!

We provide a door to door service, however it doesn’t mean you have to take it.

Across the UK, Europe and the World we have partnerships with Concierge and Executive Chauffeur companies who are more than willing to pick you up and drop you off to and from the airport.

If this is something you’d like to include, mention it in the Additional Information box when submitting your request.

Absolutely, it would be rude not to!

As a general rule of thumb, our charter offer comes with “Standard Catering”. However it’s best to check your contract should we not be able to use our vendor aircraft for your trip.

It’s worth remembering; this is your aircraft so you can have whatever you want. If you have specific catering requirements or you want to spoil yourself just let us know in the “Additional Information” box when submitting your booking request.