Confirming Your Charter

You’ve accepted your Charter Quote, and you’re excited to get everything finalised….

When you tell us that you’re happy with the quote, we will generate a charterers contract. This is a document which reflects the offer in the quote however the difference between the two is that this document will include the finer details such as the Terms and Conditions.

You Must Sign and Return

This is the legal contract between you and our company for the service you are buying, for this reason it’s important to check that everything is correct and you’re 100% happy.

You’re Happy? You’re Signed? Great!

Once we have the signed contract back with us, we will issue an invoice for payment, and once this payment has been paid, you’re all set!

What to Expect Approaching the Charter

We will be in touch with you around 2 weeks before the charter. This is to make sure you understand where to go, what time you need to arrive and what you’ll need to take with you.

We will also ask you for passport details so that we can pre-clear you in and out of the countries you’re traveling to and from.

That’s essentially as easy as it gets! Completed.

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