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What Do We Do?

We provide Sales for Whole Engines, All Parts and Ground Service Equipment

Our Industry Experience allows a dynamic and fluid viewpoint over the engine and parts industry as a whole. We can source small aircraft parts, engine cores, various condition engine assets and ground servicing equipment.

While we do work with specific engine types such as CFM, IAE and PW Aero Services Consulting are able access the industry marketplace meaning we can live source anything you need.

Supporting Airlines and MRO's Direct

Benefits of Getting Advice

  • Who We Are
    Aero Services Consulting is an Aviation Consultancy company based at Hawarden Airport in the United Kingdom and its purpose is to assist Airlines and MRO's in purchasing and selling aircraft parts and engines as and when the demand dictates.
  • Discretion and Credibility
    We are able to contact relevant agencies, sellers, shops and airlines to help you find the engine applications shown below directly from the owner.Get in touch today!
  • Complexity and Pitfalls
    We understand the complexity and pitfalls of assets being sold across boarders spanning the entire globe. There is much due diligence to be done to ensure your investment is being put in to genuine, undamaged assets with full traceability.There is a fundamental need that comes from ensuring customer satisfaction as well as accountable safety and compliance which forces consultation companies to understand the market in such a way that we know exactly who has what assets and how much the assets are worth at a particular time.
  • Accountability and After Sale Care
    Our consultation services don't end when the Purchase Agreement is signed. We will manage and navigate the complex logistical task of getting items from A to B. Our service is door to door.And finally, more importantly; all of our listed engines are owned by legitimate shops and airlines.

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